Surface treatment

Our private company has several galvanizing lines to provide the following finishing: zinc plating (in bulk or on rack), ZnNi alloy plating, anodising and direct passivation.

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Our private company located in Písek has been providing the electroplating services for more than 23 years, since 1995 when it was established. In response to the increasing demand of customers for surface treatment, our company has been extended and upgraded with new technologies. At present, there are several automatic lines available, both for barrel and rack electroplating, all of them utilizing COVENTYA technology.

Up to 1,000 t of material is treated in our plating lines each month. Quality inspection is guaranteed in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations and the quality management system according to which the company is certified.

Corrosion protection

With its automated barrel and rack lines, the company is able to provide efficient corrosion protection of metal parts.

Industrial application

The types of surface treatment offered by the company are used for example in the building, automotive or electrical industry. Galvanized steel may also be a solution for manufacturers of metal parts.


Electroplating is an electrolytic process applied in particular on electro-conductive materials (metals), in which a (zinc) metal anode is gradually dissolving in the bath. As a result, a layer of zinc is deposited on the metal parts that function as a cathode. Each plated batch of parts may be accompanied with a quality certificate as the customers require.

Once a quotation is completed, parts may be received for production (plating process), which takes three to seven business days (depending on individual orders). Plated parts may be accompanied with a quality certificate as requested and delivered by the company vans to a place indicated by the customer.


Surface treatment of metal

Automatické linky Galvanovna Pisek

ZnNi alloy plating


Parts are protected with direct passivation or plated with ZnNi alloy in automated barrel plating lines with annual capacity of 9,600 t using the latest COVENTYA technology. In the electroplating bath, a layer containing 85-88 % of zinc and 12-15 % of nickel is applied on the metal parts in three separate lines available. After plating, the surface may be improved with a black or transparent passivation, as per the customer request. Finally, the parts are lubricated to reduce the friction coefficient or sealed to achieve even higher corrosion resistance.

Galvanovna Chmela - galvanické hromadné a závěsné zinkování

galvanic bulk

zinc plating

Drums or barrels are used particularly for plating smaller parts or fasteners that are loaded in electroplating barrels and transported to the plating line. Alkaline zinc plating in barrel may be complemented with two kinds of passivation – blue and thick-layer passivation as well as with lubrication. The annual capacity of the line is 1,000 t.

povrchové úpravy kovů Galvanovna Písek


Rack plating

Thick-layer passivation, inhibition of tubular parts and sealing may be applied.

Acid bath:
maximum dimensions: 1,200 × 700 × 250 mm

Alkaline bath:
maximum dimensions: 2,700 × 1,200 × 300 mm


Types of surface treatment

There are 4 various technologies available (zinc plating, ZnNi alloy plating, anodising, zamak passivation) as well as several colour variants of the surface treatment. Based on your inquiry, a quotation is prepared (depending on the specified thickness layer and yearly demand). Once the parts are received, they are processed within 3-7 days.

At the request of a customer, corrosion tests are made in an accredited laboratory.

  • Alkaline barrel plating
  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • Automotive application
  • Alkaline rack plating (bath dimensions: 2,700 × 1,200 × 300 mm)
  • Acid rack plating (bath dimensions: 1,200 × 700 × 250 mm)
  • Alkaline barrel plating
  • Final layer or undercoat for wet painting or powder coating
  • High corrosion resistance

Passivating and/or sealing the parts intended for barrel or rack plating lines.

Lubricates are used in particular for metal parts (as well as for plastic parts and elastomers) to reduce the friction coefficient and to protect the parts from wear and tear. In addition, the lubricants are not susceptible to dripping, which avoids any contamination of the immediate environment. Parts may further be protected with a sealant (especially Gleitmo and Finigard) to increase the corrosion resistance.

Anodising is provided in natural or black colour.


Quality inspection

To be able to deliver the service in the required quality, we are continuously improving, developing our procedures and implementing advanced technologies to provide services in the quality our customers expect.

X-Ray Galvanovna Písek

There are two X-ray devices available to measure the ST thickness and analyse the plating bath. The measured values may be stated in inspection certificates issued for any plated parts. For new projects, PPAP documentation may be provided.

Layer thickness is measured with X-ray fluorescence using Röntgenanalytik Messtechnik X-Ray ECO Compaq device. The quality management system is certified according to ISO standard.

X- Ray Galvanovka Písek


Caring for the environment

The company utilizes new advanced technological facilities that meet all the requirements on environmental protection and hygiene at work.


In 1995 a new wastewater neutralization plant was commissioned and a PC system implemented to control the reactor for wastewater treatment.


On February 28, 2011 reconstruction of the wastewater neutralization plant was completed.


At the beginning of September 2017, an extension to the waste treatment plant was built.


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Václav Chmela – Galvanovna s.r.o. is a private electroplating company located in Písek providing surface treatment of metal parts, i.e. zinc plating, ZnNi alloy plating, chromating and anodising. Our customers may have the products delivered by our company vans.

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Production Manager — barrel plating line – Písek branch


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Production Manager – zinc / nickel – Písek branch


Marek Plic

Production Manager – rack plating – Písek branch


Vojtěch Suk

Production Manager – rack plating – Písek branch


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